ISIS sent terror money to United States operatives through eBay, PayPal

FBI Docs Reveal ISIS Funneled Money Into US Through Fake eBay Transactions

ISIS used bogus eBay deals to funnel money to an operative in the US, according to a report Thursday, quoted by NY Daily News.

The paper, unsealed in federal court in Baltimore, alleges USA citizen Mohamed Elshinawy was involved in a global network that used eBay to fund ISIS.

Mohamed Elshinawy was arrested over a year ago in Maryland and stands accused of pretending to sell computer printers on eBay to get ISIS payments through PayPal. The funds allegedly came from Siful Sujan, who was killed in a 2015 drone attack.

The Journal reports that Elshinawy told investigators he was told to use the funds for "operational purposes" within the United States, which could include terror attacks.

But after his arrest in December 2015, Elshinawy claimed that he never meant to carry out such an attack and was only trying to get money from ISIS, according to a release from the US Department of Justice. Some of the cash was spent on a laptop, a mobile phone, and software to set up a virtual private network that can mask a user's internet usage, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation believed was so he could communicate with ISIS operatives overseas, the Journal reported.

Sujan was the former director of computer operations for ISIS, the affidavit said, and was killed by a USA drone strike in 2015.

A spokesman for eBay said the company is closely working with law enforcement on the case, stressing that it has "zero tolerance" for criminal activities on its platform.

Elshinawy was reportedly arrested a year ago and is now in federal custody awaiting trial. Elshinawy claims he doesn't support ISIS and while he was aware of the money's intended objective, he didn't plan on launching any attacks.

PayPal told the WSJ that the holding "invests significant resources" into reporting suspicious activity.



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