Destiny 2 System Requirements And Upgrade Guide Revealed

A heroic image of Destiny 2 PVP

Pre-orders for the game on all platforms are now live. Bungie promises to share more tips on how to best experience the beta on PCs in the coming weeks. The goal is to plant a bomb at the enemy base, and then defend it until it explodes.

Obviously, speculations of a surprise element type fired up a lot of "Destiny" fans. It would have been another Call of Duty: Ghost fiasco if they had been asking for anything higher on the minimum spec requirement... in fact, the recommended requirements for Call of Duty: Ghost from back in 2013 is almost as high as the recommended requirements for Destiny 2, according to the Call of Duty Community page. The new weapon apparently belongs to the energy slot and fires arc-type beams. It appears to make sense given that Destiny 2 isn't that visually impressive. Unfortunately, its handling becomes more erratic over time while in use.

Destiny 2 is set for release this September for the PS4 and Xbox One, and this October for PC. The beta for consoles showed promise but also revealed some rather hard bugs that Bungie promises to iron out before launch.

The one caveat to all of this is that this is all just for the beta. A traditional singleplayer game, you might've expected it to get a few pieces of DLC or maybe an expansion-and indeed it did, in February of 2016. Users who played as Hunters got to play with the Sunshot, an exotic hand cannon that features solar damage and explosive rounds.

Despite not including hard drive space, these are pretty tame requirements that should run fairly well on most up to date machines (whether or not you'll be able to achieve 4k60 is still up in the air, though).

Activision seems to be pleased with the strong pre-order numbers for the sequel. Bungie's recommended CPU/GPU combo for new builders seeking 1080p/60fps is the Intel Core i5-7400 and a GTX 1080 6GB. The PC version will follow suit on Oct. 24.



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