Sebastian Vettel escapes further punishment for Baku incident

Rosberg reckons Hamilton wasn't at fault

The German racing driver recently issued an apology on his website regarding the incident that happened at the recent 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel ran into the rear of the leading Mercedes on the exit of Turn 15 before moving alongside Hamilton to gesticulate, swerving into him and their cars banging wheels. Such a scenario would have seen Hamilton, who finished behind Vettel after his headrest came loose, move within two points of him in the championship race.

The German, a four times world champion, was given a 10 second stop-and-go penalty during the race for angrily banging wheels with his Mercedes rival while they were behind the safety vehicle.

At the time of the incident, Vettel replied "where did I do unsafe driving?" but that appears to have changed, with the Ferrari ace accepting the blame for the Baku incident.

Jean CTodt decided against any further punishment, but has removed Vettel from any FIA road safety marketing until the end of the year.

Ferrari's world championship leader could have been docked his points for finishing fourth or even been banned for Sunday's's race in Austria.

During the race Vettel had received a ten-second stop-go penalty, but the governing body decided that further action could be warranted.

Vettel was warned by the FIA over his future conduct only last October after he told veteran race director Charlie Whiting to "f*** off" during a number of heated radio transmissions.

Having the four-time world champion perform educational activities has some precedent.

Sportsmen must be cognizant of the impact their behavior can have on those who look up to them.

"Top level sport is an intense environment in which tempers can flare. They are heroes and role models and to millions of fans worldwide and must conduct themselves accordingly", said Todt.

Todt added should there be any repetition of such behavior, the matter would immdiately be referred to the FIA International Tribunal for further investigation.

"In the light of this honest apology and strong commitment, the FIA President has decided, on an exceptional basis, not to take disciplinary action against Mr Vettel by bringing this matter before the FIA International Tribunal", the FIA stated at the time.



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