Nintendo Switch Backwards Compatibility or Virtual Console support

Nintendo Switch

It also has many similarities with the Vita which didn't exactly set the market on fire and neither did the Wii U. So what are Nintendo's goals with this device?

It has been said during an interview with Eurogamer and, according to Nintendo's words, the launch trailer aim was to show how Switch works, as users will be able to play games inside their house or anywhere they want thanks to this technology.

New Nintendo hardware announcements are always some of the most exciting moments in the video game industry. The patent goes on to list potential uses of these components, saying a player could throw a baseball that was projected onto their hand back into the screen.

In fairness, this is the reveal video for Nintendo's first all-new game console in almost five years.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. The performance level is not expected to be on par with the PS4 or Xbox One, but then again, that has never been Nintendo's aim. The main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen, which the two Joy-Con controllers can be attached to and detached from. In 2013, Nintendo chose to merge its handheld and hardware divisions under one roof to allow the two teams to collaborate on its next system. The gaming giant also clarified that Switch happens to be a brand new platform and in fact is not a direct successor to the Wii U or even the 3DS. (Dickhiskhan plays the bearded Splatoon player near the end of the trailer seen wearing a red tank top).

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned in a statement that the Switch will provide game developers new abilities to bring out their creativity.

Nintendo Switch specs have also been revealed by NVIDIA following the big Nintendo NX reveal. Several questions remain to be asked about the new console and we hope that Nintendo will make things clearer by early 2017.

Right away though, it looks like the Nintendo Switch will not support Wii U discs physically.

We're betting that what you see above is exactly what'll come in the box when Nintendo Switch arrives in March 2017: the Nintendo Switch Dock, the tablet-like console, and a home gamepad with the detachable Joy-Con in-tow.



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